For Everyone

Come and join us to be part of a group that celebrates the great highland bagpipe and marching drums. You don’t have to be Scottish or from Castlemaine – if you are in Central Victoria and want to share this special musical tradition – you are welcome.

For Juniors

Boys and girls from about the age of five can start in the Drum Corp. They can graduate as senior drummers or move to the Piping Corp depending on their preferences and as their musical skills develop.

With the approval of the tutor from around the age of eight boys and girls can choose either the drums or the pipes, though some pipers may need to wait for their hands to grow.

For Adults

Learn drums or pipes. You don’t have to read music, you don’t need to have played an instrument before, you don’t need to have marched previously. We can offer free instruction in it all.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced musician, you will find a pipe band a great treat. We have an unique repertoire, disciplined performances and community commitment.

Piping & Drumming

If you are interested in learning to play either the great highland bagpipes, side, tenor or bass drum, you are welcome to attend the learners practice most Wednesday nights in the Band Hall, the Tea Rooms Castlemaine Botanic Gardens. Please contact us if you are interested in starting lessons or have any questions.

6:00 pm for Beginner Pipers
Head Tutor: Pipe Major Vic Groenhout

6:30 pm for Intermediate Pipers
Head Tutor: Pipe Major Vic Groenhout

7:00 pm for Drummers
Head Tutor: Drum Sergeant Trevor Khule

The initial costs involved in learning are:

  • Annual membership $15 / $30 for a family
  • $20 for a band issued pipe practice chanter
  • Drumsticks and practice pads are on loan from the band initially


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